Machel Montano And Bunji Garlin Buss Head Official Video

When the two biggest Soca artists decide to put their differences aside and unite for the culture many would say “well the planets have aligned” as we all know how big this is. The first offering by Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin called Buss Head also commonly called Stink & Dutty is a song that highlights Kalinda, a Trinidad and Tobago centuries old martial art form.

As reported to the Fader Magazine, Machel states “The ‘Buss Head’ video pays tribute to this rich history, while acknowledging the current state of violence facing our nation” “…Practicing a martial art, like Kalinda, allows one to channel and transform their energy and aggression into something positive, which promotes discipline, spirituality, and self-actualization.”

Bunji also states “Kalinda isn’t just for sparring, though. It’s been used to fend off colonialism once before. The stick fighters ended up with the most important role, as in 1884 a British contingent tried to abolish Carnival in Trinidad, but they were defeated by the stick fighters” The song mentions Joe Talmana who is credited for dismounted Captain Baker one of the leaders of the contingent with a stick.  As cited by Trinidad & Tobago Guardian the word Kalinda comes from the Bantu language of Central Africa. Stick came across the Atlantic with the slaves, first arriving in Dominica and Haiti before traveling down the islands during the time of the Haitian Revolution.

Bunji goes on to say “this translates into my story and your story and everyone’s story, because we all have that battle to face to save something.”