Hurricane Irma – Hurricane Maria – How Can You Help

Some Caribbean Islands were devastated recently by Hurricane Irma. Islands like Anguilla, Barbuda, Cuba, Haiti, St.Thomas USVI, St.John, USVI, the British Virgin Islands, St.Martin/St.Maarten, and the Bahamas saw the destruction from Irma’s path that will leave them on the road for recovery for quite some time. While we can not account for all organizations and drives that are receiving goods and donations, we thought we would make a list of what we have seen and what have been sent to us in an effort to get the word out. We ask you and the organizers themselves to let your conscience be your guide. The situation in some areas can be considered more dire than others not to mention there are  two other storms looming in the Atlantic ( Maria and Lee). Often times we see situations where individuals prey on victims only making bad matters worse. Again all we can say is let your conscience be your guide.

As we come across more inforation, we will be sure to update this listing.


The Official Hurricane Relief Organization for the Restoration of Anguilla

APLO New York Anguilla Hurricane Relief Initiative 

The island desperately needs your help!! Please contact APLO (Anguillian People Living Overseas) NYS registered 501c 3 non profit at, or send all donations in kind via your favorite online retailer to Aplo Relief Initiative in care of
Thomas Kelly
110 Wall st, NY, NY, 10005



Barbuda has been devastated by Hurricane Irma with 95% of all property totally destroyed. The Island is officially uninhabitable. Steps are now being made to evacuate and move residents to Antigua, but with the airport being unusable and seas still too rough to sail this is a huge challenge. If you are seeking ways to help,then please consider donating to either the Red Cross in Antigua (funds go directly to the Antiguan branch and NOT via the UK) or to the National Office of Disaster Services in Antigua via the TicketTing App which can be downloaded via either Google Play or the Apple App Store. ***Side note and clarification for those of you concerned about the Red Cross affiliation with this relief effort. This is a TicketTing initiative and they are raising funds in partnership with the ANTIGUA RED CROSS. ALL funds including transfer fees will go DIRECTLY to those in need. The Antiguan Red Cross is a bastion of the Caribbean and have always been transparent and trustworthy with their assistance to not just citizens of Antigua and Barbuda but their neighbouring islands too! Should you still feel doubtful then please do donate via the NODS option which TicketTing has provided #HelpBarbuda

Also got word with the following assurance that aaaaaaaaaalllllll donations will be going DIRECTLY to the ppl of Barbuda. Every single cent. TickeTing Inc. will not be profiting in any way. They have turned off the convenience fee and are dealing with the bank charges. They are also setting up a page to track donations live for the sake of transparency. #caribbeanstrong #helpbarbuda #antigua#barbuda #antiguabarbuda #ticketting #caribbean#westindies #island360 #passportcaribbean

British Virgin Islands

Irma from Rob Sorrenti on Vimeo.

Puerto Rico:

St. Martin/St. Maarten

Turks and Caicos

U. S. Virgin Islands:

For immediate assistance when locating family members see the following


VITEMA – Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency – To assist you in locating family members in the Virgin Islands, contact VITEMA at the following:
St.Croix: 340.773.2244
St.Thomas: 340.774.2244
St.John: 340.776.2244 🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮🇻🇮 #irma #VIstrong #vimassive#usvirginislands #stcroix #stthomas #stjohn #waterisland#island360 #passportcaribbean


The good people over at Amōure designed  “For St. Thomas & St. John” tee in an effort to raise awareness and funds toward Hurricane Irma Relief.  It is available at amō and 100% of the proceeds will go towards Hurricane Irma Relief in the US Virgin Islands. Take this shirt as a testament to your assistance of someone in need. #SpreadLove #VIStrong


Merch Carnival

Until December 2017, 15% of your purchase with Merch Carnival will go to Hurrrican Irma Relief. This month proceeds are going to@communityfounvi #caribbeanstrong

VI Strong Hurricane Relief Fund

VI Strong Hurricane Relief Fund is spear headed by Netfa Romain – journalist and show creator/producer/host of USVI Ambassadors, but most of all  a Virgin Islander. According to the website “every single dollar will make a tremendous difference to our people at home who are suffering through what must be the most difficult time they have ever experienced.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at  We are #VISTRONG we will survive we will rebuild.”

Former NBA San Antonio Spurs All Star, Future Hall of Famer and St.Croix Native Tim Duncan’s article “Don’t Forget The Islands” shows his love for the place we all call home.

Tim Duncan has already pledged $250,000 and will match up to $1 million dollars donated at the following link. (Updated Tim Duncan has donated $1,250,000.00 and is currently in the USVI helping in the relief efforts on the ground)

Hurricane Irma Relief Drive Facebook

Heard there will be a part 2 of the Atlanta Caribbean Relief Drive as 25 barrels and more worth of goods were collected. Will update as details become more available.






The image above is through our family CruzanFoodie From her instagram account she states “Please consider sending a box or two of these much needed items to this hurricane relief effort! I’ll be personally packing these goods & shipping them to St. Croix, St. Thomas & St. John. I’ll be working with nonprofits to aid in the distribution of these goods once I’m on the ground on St. Croix! Let’s help those whose lives have been forever changed because of Hurricane Maria & Irma!” Please visit her site at