Pressure & Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Nights – 100 Years Strong

What happens when the paths of Pressure Buss Pipe and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Nights cross? The result – an acoustic amalgamation of Reggae and Quelbe that highlights the last 100 years of the US Virgin Islands. …and if you are a fan of either styles or of both, you would will more than likely say well done!

The US Virgin Islands is set to mark the 100th year anniversary of the Danish West Indies being purchased by the United States. – March 31st 2017 to be exact.  The U.S. bought the islands from Denmark for $25 million. The US Virgin Islands consist of St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John, and about 50 other small islands and inlets. The islands are in the Lesser Antilles. Celebrations that are set to take place throughout the year features events and activities that will include parades, lectures, concerts, cultural exhibitions and festivals featuring local art, dance, music and food.

Pressure, one of the Virgin Islands very own and world known and recognized Reggae artist and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Nights – griots who have helped keep and maintain Quelbe – an indigenous, grass-roots form of folk music which originated in the U.S. Virgin Islands alive – have produced a piece that meshes both genres of music wonderfully while recounting the last 100 years that started with the Danish selling of the Virgin Islands. The final product entitled 100 Years will be entered in the history books and will more than likely be referenced 100 years from now.

The song is produced by: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred, Padraic Coursey and Zion I Kings and features

Drums: Lloyd “Junior” Richards, Jr.
Bass, Pick Guitar: David “JAH David” Goldfine
Organ, Piano: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred
Piano: Andrew Stoch
Rhythm Guitar: Andrew “Moon” Bain
Lead Guitars: Padraic Coursey
Flute, Squash Percussion: Stanley Jacobs
Banjo, Steel Percussion: Eldred “Edgie” Christian
Saxophone: Olaf “Bronco” Hendricks
Background Vocals: Chet Baker

For more information on Quelbe please visit the Jamsie Project 

For more information on celebratory events marking the Centennial Commemoration, please visit or on Facebook

100 Years Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by: Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred at Aqua Sounds Studio, St. Croix
Executive Produced by: Laurent Alfred, Shelley Moorhead & Delyno Brown

“100 Years Strong” Available on iTunes 2/17 and at Riddims on St. Croix.