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Positive Vibes Only T Shirt Women

Women’s Positive Vibes T Shirt Black With White Lettering

Positive Vibes Only T Shirt – Womens – White W/Black Lettering

Positive Vibes Only T Shirt – Womens – White W/Black Lettering

Women's Black bacchanalist t shirt

Women’s Bacchanalist T Shirt – Black


Women’s #teamsoca T Shirt – Black (Miami Color-way) Part of the Carnival Pack

bacchanalist t shirt

Men’s Bacchanalist T Shirt – Black

bacchanalist t shirt

Men’s Bonafide T Shirt Duck Camo Print

#teamsoca t shirt

Men’s #teamsoca T Shirt Black (Miami Color-way) Part of the Carnival Pack

#teamreggae tshirt

Men’s #teamreggae T Shirt – Black

Anatomy of a Passport Caribbean T Shirt

Some say “Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality.” Being purveyors of quality Caribbean themed goods, this is the ideal we subscribe to. We thought it would be a good idea to show you just how much we pay attention to details.


Conversation Pieces…trust us that conversations will be initiated once you are seen in our shirts.

Our steadfast commitment to the region is really all it is. Our goal is to present designs that are reflective of a region rich in culture, history and tradition. We are a people who are proud…proud to be West Indian but even more so proud of the island(s) we are from. Whether the Caribbean is in your heart or veins, there will always be a connection.

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Features: Behind the scenes

From time to time, we here at Passport Caribbean Clothing will give behind the scene peek, of people, places, and things that make up our region. We may also surprise you with us showcasing of how we get your favorite products from concepts to completion.


Beautiful…nothing else needs to be said.


We recently launched our #teamreggae shirt that many have been asking for.


Attention to details. Simply put…it is something we strive for.

Passport Caribbean Clothing…a quality Caribbean lifestyle brand.

Passport Caribbean Clothing Co. is a quality Caribbean lifestyle brand. Under the Passport umbrella, you may see very unique designs that may very well not be produced across the board for an array of islands. We know the islands of the Caribbean share similar characteristics and at the same time have distinct differences or nuances that make each one unique. Our goal is to capture the differences allowing each of us as individuals to revel in that very same pride. Passport Caribbean Clothing ethos is that with every garment – our region, our culture, and our lifestyle are represented fully; allowing you to wear each piece with great pride.

At  Passport Caribbean Clothing Co., we embrace all that our culture has to offer.  It is more than just designs to us; more than the music; the carnival celebrations; or the food…it is a lifestyle!

We hope that our Caribbean t-shirt designs and other offerings, allow you to express that very simple lifestyle we all share.

Do tell a friend about us and leh we link up socially.

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